Located in Northern Michigan, we are small enough to provide personal service.   We have 5,000 varieties of tomatoes in our collection!  We never buy in bulk and repackage like some others.


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$3/ (20)  

Rattlesnake Runner Beans  

Auntie Wilder Runner Beans

Lazy Housewife Runner Beans

Ollie Gobble Runner Beans

Skunke Runner Beans 

Taylor Bush Beans


Mullein- see  https://45thparallelseeds.webs.com/seedsotherthantomato.htm

Chocolate Mint -(grows and spreads underground-great for tea!)

Egyptian Walking Onions-$25/50 grams postage paid & packing (in season)


see  https://traditionalcookingschool.com/raising-food/forgotten-plants-egyptian-walking-onions/


An unusual perennial onion, Allium x proliferum (formerly classified as Allium cepa var. viviparumbulbiferum or proliferum) is a cross between Allium cepa, the cultivated onion, and Allium fistulosum, the Welsh onion. It gets its common name from the way it “walks” across the garden.  Instead of flowers, this plant produces topsets, a cluster of bulbils, at the top of the stalk where the flowers and seeds would normally be. The stalks eventually flop over from the weight of the bulbils (if not harvested) and replant themselves, thus beginning their “walk” across the ground. It is thought to be originally native to India or Pakistan, then later introduced into Europe by the Romans.

The slightly enlarged stems.

The slightly enlarged stems.

Also sometimes also called tree onions or topset onions, this vigorous and trouble-free plant is hardy in zones 3-10. It is not susceptible to juglone, so can be grown near black walnut trees. 


IF you are in MY FB group or ones I moderate, you probably qualify for $5 so postage paid USA for $25 and you will have onions forever!

I am open for business, 5000+ TOMATO VARIETIES 




50 gram bags $25 mailed USPS

PAYPAL PREFERRED PAYMENT, contact for other arrangements.

onion photo




All sales by e-mail, see rates and services.  As of 2012, there is a 10 pack minimum on tomato varieties, $21.50 shipped in lower 48.  Mailing services increase for Alaska, Hawaii and outside the U.S. 10 pack requirement can be waived under cirumstances of growout or membership at Tomatodepot on Facebook. 

Unlike any seed sites-this one will TRADE seeds.  Always looking for rare or different varieties.  1964 or before US Dime taken as payment in lieu of $2.50/pack.

October 1, 2022 Tomato seed packet prices increase to $3.00 per pack.